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July 27 – Gerry King: “Majestic Human and Covenantal Human: Some Thoughts about Virtue and the Human Struggle”

The virtues most powerfully promoted in our society are the ones that get listed on our résumé, but ironically, these are not the ones that get mentioned in our eulogy.  Those virtues are quite different, and involve how we cared for others, from our own children to total strangers whose lives were bettered by our charity.  In other words, the ultimate virtues concern "planting trees in whose shade we will never sit."  We have two sides, the Majestic Human and Covenantal Human, both virtuous. We tend to put more energy into our résumé virtues than into our eulogy virtues, but we hold the eulogy virtues in higher honor. So we struggle.

Gerry King is a founding member of Wildflower Church and co - leader of Adult Programming.


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Wildflower Church is a deliberately inclusive, open-minded religious community in the Unitarian Universalist tradition. We joyfully nurture one another in our lifelong spiritual journeys, and we commit to transforming ourselves and the world around us through acts of compassion, love and social justice.


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