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Next Sunday, July 5:

The Man Who Wrote the Bible: The Tale of Tyndale.

Steve Brooks

For July 4 weekend, Steve Brooks looks at the roots of religious freedom - genuine religious freedom, not the newly-invented sort that prevents people from getting married. Today, the name of William Tyndale is virtually unknown. But he stands beside Shakespeare as the most influential writer in the English language. He was also an outlaw who helped to lay the foundation for liberal religion. In telling his story, a 16th century spiritual-historical thriller, Steve also illuminates the power and danger of words, in an era when translation was a radical act – punishable by death.

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Meeting at 1314 E Oltorf St (Faith Presbyterian)

Wildflower Church is a deliberately inclusive, open-minded religious community in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, growing spiritually together, spreading love, justice, and fun!  We create our community by covenanting one to another, using our Covenant of Right Relations.


We are pleased to announce our new Serenity Service, an interfaith service of music, readings, candles and silence, held every third Friday of the month at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary at 1314 E Oltorf St (Faith Presbyterian).


Opportunity to Begin Working Toward Our 2020 Vision

Please join the Leadership Council and sponsors, the Adult Programming Team, as we begin to explore topics of diversity and multiculturalism within our congregation in order to achieve our proposed 2020 strategic goal — “to grow a multicultural church community that reflects diversity in race, age, families and cultures consistent with local demographics.” Kurt Cadena-Mitchell will facilitate the workshop Introduction:  Building the World We Dream About on June 7 from 1-3 pm or June 10 from 6:30-8:30 pm.  Childcare and sustenance will be provided.  It is critical for our future that most of the congregation attend the workshop.  Please let us know if you can't make it at . We will schedule an additional session based on feedback from the congregation.  See a description about the workshop and information about how to sign up.


Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting, Sunday, June 14, 2015, 1:00pm in the Community Room

All members who are eligible to vote are urged to attend this meeting, or, if they are unable to attend, to give their proxy to a fellow member.

One important item on the agenda will be the presentation of and vote on the Mission, Values, 2020 Vision Statement, and Strategic Goals. Members of the congregation have been working to develop these over the past nine months. The text of these documents appears below.

View the Meeting Agenda (docx)

Download a Proxy Form (doc)

DRAFT Mission

Growing spiritually together, spreading love, justice, and fun!

DRAFT Values Statements

Caring: We express love in action: for one another, for strangers, for our community and our planet.
Transcendence: We experience awe, hope and joy in connecting with something bigger than ourselves.
Spiritual Growth: We transform our authentic selves through worship and learning, work and play, taking risks and talking about things that matter.
Justice: We promote fairness, freedom and empowerment in our society and our relations with one another.
Outreach: We engage with the communities around us, to serve and to open our doors for those in search of a spiritual home.

DRAFT 2020 Vision Statement

We nourish the growth of Spirit in new ways.
We work as partners for social justice with our wider community.
We deepen in our multiculturalism and grow in diversity.
We create spiritual spaces, in our central home and beyond.
This is our vision of the Wildflower Church community we aspire to be.

DRAFT 2020 Wildflower Strategic Goals

  1. Meet spiritual needs through various and innovative ways of doing church and religious education.
  2. Partner for social justice with other community groups and churches to provide direct service, education, and advocacy.
  3. Grow a multicultural church community that reflects diversity in race, age, families and cultures consistent with local demographics.
  4. Create a central spiritual home and other spiritual spaces that reflect our UU values and traditions.


Wildflower's 2020 Vision Quest has entered its reflection phase. The Vision and Goals Task Force integrated people's personal visions for Wildflower into themes that were the focus of the Gathering on Sunday, April 12.  We have taken what emerged from the Gathering and drafted a Wildflower's 2020 collective Vision and Preliminary Strategic Goals, which along with the draft Mission and Values statements, will be on the agenda for approval at the Congregational Meeting on June 14.  We want to thank everyone who participated by sharing their visions and dreams for Wildflower Church. Watch our video of people's visions captured during the Vision Quest.


Food for Thought, Sunday mornings, 9:30-10:45am, Faith Parlor

Wildflower members facilitate this popular weekly discussion class that offers opportunities for stimulating conversation around inspiring and evocative TED talks.  Participants bring breakfast munchies and coffee is provided.  Join this lively group to explore a variety of topics that touch our lives and spur the deepening of our spirituality and inquiry into how we want to show up in the world.


Membership Orientation Classes at Wildflower Church

We hold orientations several times a year.  The next orientation will be Sunday, July 26th, 2015.  For more information, please visit our membership page or email .


New Ways of Doing Church

The Workshop Summary of this class is now online!